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Commerce North West is an official Regional Certifying Body (RCB) for North West Queensland for the Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa or SESR.

This visa is designed to help employers in regional or low growth areas of Australia fill skilled vacancies that they have been unable to fill through the local labour market by sponsoring skilled employees from overseas.

The Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional visa has a three stage process that includes certification by an RCB such as Commerce North West. Our role is to ensure:


  • the position meets the Annual Market Salary Rate

For more information regarding the skilled migration schemes please visit the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) website.

Process for Certification by Commerce North West

The following information is sent to Commerce North West (Checklist Here)

  • Form 1404. Forms are available on the DIAC website.
  • Position description.
  • Employment contract or letter of appointment (including the applicable award).
  • Salary rates of similarly qualified Australian employees currently employed or evidence of market salary. Please note proof must be supplied that the salary offered exceeds the award rate and is of a comperable amount to other people in the same sort of position in either the same or other local business. 

A processing fee of $110 for member businesses or $132 for non members GST inclusive (non-refundable) is required at this stage. Payment can be made by cheque when submitting documentation or by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Commerce North West then processes and certifies or rejects the application.

Please note that certification of a nomination by the Commerce North West does not guarantee that it will be approved by DIAC.

Skills Matching Database:

The Skills Matching Database is a practical tool to link migrants with specific skilled vacancies or skill shortages in regional Australia. Applicants on the database are skilled, under 45 years of age and have good English language skills. An abridged version of the database, which does not contain applicant's personal details, is available on the DIAC website at

For further information on Sponsored Employment visit the DIAC website or Contact Commerce North West.




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