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Welcome to Mount Isa, capital of outback Queensland and one of the rising stars of Northern Australia.

Connected to the international airports of Darwin, Townsville and Brisbane with daily flights it’s just one hop away from anywhere in the world in around 2 hours by plane.

Exporting our natural wealth and our expertise to over 70 countries, Mount Isa is a household name across the globe. That might be because we one of the world’s richest ore bodies of copper, lead, zinc and silver – elements that drive everything from global health care to telecommunications.

Since its humble beginnings nearly 100 years ago, Mount Isa City has developed from an outback mining lease to one of Australia’s largest inland Cities. The coming decades will bring new opportunities for the City and its residents – we would love for you to be a part of that future.

A dynamic multi-cultural community, home to the world’s oldest living culture the Kalkadoon people we love to celebrate through music, art and events that bring people from across the globe to become a part of our extended family. Lake Moondarra at Sunset

Located 900 kilometres inland has its advantages, our natural environment is vast and much of it remains unexplored, we have room to grow, and we have the longest main street on earth (190km long!). But don’t panic – we have barista coffee and the best steaks in Australia to keep you going.

If you want an opportunity to be at the top of your field, provide your kids with the best start they could hope for or just take advantage of a place with opportunity and breath-taking beauty within easy reach then why not give ‘The Isa’ a go. If you need a hand planning your visit, your move or your next career just ask we’d be happy to help!

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